In Cooper County, a bond issue was on the ballot for the Village of Windsor Place. Almost 97 percent of voters were in favor of the measure, which will allow the precinct to sell revenue bonds worth up to $1,320,000. This will be used for improvements to the sewer system including expansion of the system and construction of a wastewater treatment plant. 85 voted yes, and three voted no. This was a voter turnout of 41 percent.

A revenue bond worth $4 million was approved by Hamilton voters. This will be used for expansion and improvements to the City’s waterworks and sewage system, and will extend beyond the city limits and affect users throughout Caldwell County. 235 voters in Hamilton voted in favor of the measure, and 15 voted against it. Mayor Allen Gentry says the citizens obviously understood the importance of this issue.

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Allen Gentry

Gentry said the citizens obviously understood the importance of the issue. “It’s a great day for the City of Hamilton, and for our in-town customers as well as  the people that are on the individual lines out of town, and the water districts. Public Water Supply District Number 2, which covers the City of Kidder.”

23.5 percent of eligible voters turned out for this ballot issue.

Issues concerning two Fire protection districts were on the ballot in Saline County. A proposition authorizing a tax rate of 30 cents per 100 dollars assessed valuation was approved for the Saline County Rural Fire Protection District. 234 voted yes, and 27 voted no. Voters decided the Board of Directors. Richard Clemens was elected to a six year term, Larry Holland and Edwin Eaheart will serve four years, and Brian McCorkle and Nick Pointer received a two-year term.

A 30 cent tax rate was also approved for the Slater Rural Fire Protection District, with 82 percent of the vote. Voters also elected their Board of Directors. Joe Clements, Junior will serve a six-year term, Richard Mark Fizer and Jim Wiseman will serve four year terms, and Jerry Hartung and Matthew Thies will serve a two-year term.