As the new school year gets underway, it is important students are up-to-date with their immunizations. Department of Health and Senior Services’ Spokesperson Margaret Donnelly says vaccinations stop the spread of diseases. Click to hear Donnelly.

Margaret Donnelly

“Small pox is no longer in the population. And the incidence of polio and measles, are very much decreased. So we know immunizations work.” Donnelly says by getting vaccinated you are protecting yourself, your family, and your community. Click to hear Donnelly.

Margaret Donnelly

“we know there are certain groups that are risk. Infants who can’t get vaccinations or won’t have all of them up to date because they are so young. also older adults and those with chronic diseases. And so when all of us are protected with vaccinations, we’re helping to protect those vulnerable populations.”

Donnelly says it is also important to receive booster shots as teens and adults.

Immunizations are available at local public health agencies, community health centers, and rural health clinics.

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