It’s mixed emotions for one State Representative who has entered is final term in the Missouri House.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Representative Joe Aull, of Marshall:

Joe Aull

After more than half a decade in the Missouri House, Representative Joe Aull, of Marshall, is prepared to end his tenure on a positive note.  “I have no regrets,” Aull said.  “I’ve always felt I’ve done a good job of working with people.  I think with my eight years in the legislature, I’ve learned even more about compromise and the value of meeting in the middle.  We have got some great people in Jefferson City.  We are all there for the same reasons and we get some good things done.”

He will continue his role as Vice President of Academic Affairs and High School Principal at Wentworth Military Academy.  Aull added that he will miss being the voice for the residents in his district.  “We go to Jeff City, we pass bills, and we deal with legislation, but I think the thing I’ve enjoyed most is being able to help the people I represent.  I can’t waive a magic wand and make miracles happen.  I can, however, direct them to right people.  I think that is why I ran and got into public service in the first place.”

Aull was elected to the Missouri House in 2004.  Term limits prevent Aull from seeking re-election.