A pair of prominent figures from Saline County were in Marshall Monday to update the public on recent actions in Jefferson City.  The budget, education, and transportation infrastructure took center stage at yesterday’s (Mon) luncheon.  More than 50 people gathered to hear from Senator Bill Stouffer, R-Napton, and State Representative Joe Aull, D-Marshall.  “Missouri would be passing up an opportunity if improvements aren’t made to the state’s infrastructure,” Sen. Stouffer said.  “To me, it is one of the most fundamental things a government should do and it is the life-blood of our economy.”

Representative Aull disagreed slightly.  “I am not in favor of making I-70 a toll-road.  I know we need to do something.  I think [toll-roads] would kill some of our smaller communities along I-70.  I think we would divert traffic to Highway 36 and 50.  I just don’t think a toll-road is a good idea.”

Both Aull and Stouffer will reach their term limits this year.