The historic Fishing River Bridge at Mosby is scheduled for replacement in 2015 and the search is now underway to find a new home for the original structure. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone speak with MoDOT Senior Historic Preservation Specialist Toni Prawl:

Toni Prawl

The bridge was built in 1933 and officials are hoping that it can continue to be utilized in some capacity.  “It is a historic bridge which is why we’re offering it for relocation,” said Prawl, “It is eligible for the National Register of historic places.  We hope that a party will be interested in relocating the bridge to help preserve it.”

Prawl explained how the process the works.  “We are offering the bridge free of charge, but that does not include free shipping,” said Prawl, “The transportation and relocation costs involved will be the receiving party’s responsibility.  We’re offering the bridge for reuse at another location and, most of the time, these historic bridges still have life left in them, but maybe not in the same role they’ve been serving.”

Those interested are asked to submit a proposal describing the relocation and future use plan.  More details can be found at MoDOT’s website.

Press Release:

The historic Fishing River Bridge at Mosby, Mo, is available for relocation and reuse by an individual or organization. Any interested party is encouraged to submit a proposal no later than October 15, 2014, to the Missouri Department of Transportation Historic Preservation Unit to obtain the structure. Slated for replacement in May of 2015, the bridge can be obtained by government entities, historical or civic groups, or private citizens, free of charge. This historic bridge is 309 feet in length and 34 feet wide, curb-to-curb, and carries two lanes of one-way traffic. Built in 1933, the emerald green bridge is 5 ½ miles southwest of Excelsior Springs and crosses the Fishing River. The Fishing River Bridge is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. More details about the bridge can be viewed online at  Anyone interested in obtaining a historic bridge from MoDOT must submit a proposal describing the dismantling and relocation plan, cost and future use. A proposal checklist is available online.