The Bandidos Outlaw Motorcyle Club is having their 2014 National Run in Grain Valley during this Labor Day weekend. Click here to hear  KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with Missouri State Highway Patrol, Troop A, Sergeant Collin Stosberg.

Collin Stosberg

Law enforcement officers are wanting people to be aware of the club’s presence, as well as the extra uniforms they will have out. “There’s a group called the Bandidos, it’s an outlaw motorcycle gang, and they’re coming to town (Grain Valley) for their national rally during the Labor Day weekend,” said Stosberg,”We have been working with the organizers of that event and have prepared and are ready to assist with traffic control and public safety through-out the weekend.  We don’t anticipate there being any problems at all, but, just in case, we will have State Troopers, Jackson County Sheriffs Deputies, Grain Valley  Police Officers, and Blue Springs  Police Officers in the area throughout the weekend just to monitor the rally and being available, should the need arise.”

The intimidating “Outlaw Biker Gang” part of the name, is just a name. “They’re recognized as such, but the majority of these individuals that are coming are law abiding citizens, and we don’t anticipate there being any problems at all,” said Stosberg, “With any group or organization, there’s going to be a few that might have problems and we’re going to be there to deal with that. Hopefully, we wont have any problems throughout the weekend.  Again, we want the citizens to be prepared and know there’s going to be an increase in motorcycle traffic and there will also be an increase in law enforcement presence for the whole weekend.”

Press Release:

Troop A Media:

The Bandidos Motorcycle Club, is planning to hold their 2014 National Run in Grain Valley, Missouri, from August 29 through September 1, 2014.  The Grain Valley Police Department, Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, Blue Springs Police Department and the Missouri State Highway Patrol will have additional enforcement personnel assigned to the area to ensure public safety and traffic control.

It is estimated approximately 1,500-2,000 individuals will attend the Labor Day weekend event. Law enforcement will be paying close attention to the rally and will already be out in force due to increased holiday traffic. Area law enforcement partners have been in contact with the organizers and do not anticipate any problems.

Media inquiries should be directed to Sergeant Collin Stosberg, Missouri State Highway Patrol, Troop A.

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