Photo courtesy of the Missouri Department of Agriculture

CENTRALIA, Mo. — Fans of Luke Bryan got to help local families in need while rocking out to their favorite country songs last week.

According to the Missouri Department of Agriculture, on October 7 during Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour,  Bayer joined with The Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri for their Here’s To the Farmer Campaign.

A $2,000 check was presented to The Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri. Also, Bayer has promised to donate a meal to someone in need every time the #HeresToTheFarmer is used on social media. Their goal is to donate 1 million meals all while thanking farmers for their hard work.

“America’s farmers work hard to provide all of us with the food on our store shelves and in our produce markets every day. But unfortunately there are many families in the U.S. who don’t know where their next meal will come from and sometimes this even more pronounced in rural America. Bayer is proud to work with the Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri to help curb hunger right here in Missouri,” said Ray Kerins, SVP for Bayer.

Bayer and the Missouri Department  of Agriculture urges social media users to keep using #HeresToTheFarmer to further their work to feed neighbors in need.