LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Mo. — A Bedford, Mo. man is facing felony allegations after he attempted to flee from police custody Wednesday morning.

Linn O. Hoskins, III (VINELink)

According to a news release from Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox, Linn O. Hoskins, III, 29, was sought by multiple law enforcement agencies on an outstanding warrant. When officers located Hoskins in the rear end of a pick-up truck which had been reported stolen, he was taken into custody.

Investigators eventually recovered multiple stolen firearms inside a residence and also learned information pertaining to the location of three stolen vehicles and other property, including a computer.

During the course of his arrest, Hoskins evaded authorities by exiting the patrol vehicle he had been placed in and fled on foot while still wearing hand restraints.

Officers eventually subdued Hoskins and placed additional restraints on his person. Law enforcement officials transferred Hoskins to the Davies-Dekalb Regional Jail, where he was classified as a “high-risk escape detainee”.

Stolen vehicles were recovered in Carroll and Livingston Counties, inside which tools commonly associated with burglary were found. Officers also discovered evidence of methamphetamine use.

A 20-year-old woman was also arrested and later released during the investigation, however she had not been identified at the time of this article’s publication.

Hoskins remains behind bars, pending the filing of formal charges in the case.