Bids were accepted last week for the renovation of Griffin Ballfield in Trenton.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott talk to Parks Director Jason Shuler:

Jason Shuler

Due to a very busy annual season,  the area was overdue for some attention.  “We basically need to do some upgrading, “said Shuler, “The way our season runs, we normally start playing on the field in late February and run through early September.  We just didn’t have time to do maintenance work.  Then we, of course, had the drought last summer and didn’t have irrigation so it’s getting in poor condition.”

Officials plan for work to get underway as soon as Mother Nature allows.  “The timeline is weather dependent, “said Shuler, “We plan to start in early spring and have the renovation completed and start grass regrowing on the field as soon as possible.  We hope to have it back in the rotation by June.  We do have other fields we can utilize during the project.”

Bids in the total amount of just under $47,000 were accepted last week.  The majority of the work will be completed by Performance Sports Field, Inc. with Aaron’s Lawn Care and Landscaping handling the irrigation portion of the project.