Last week the House passed a bill that would help increase the number of veterinarians working in livestock and food animal practices and in key public health fields. The bill would amend the Public Health Service Act and add veterinary public health as one of the professional groups eligible for grants to train the public health veterinarian workforce. The legislation also makes veterinarians studying public health eligible for student loan repayment. The American Farm Bureau Federation is urging the Senate to follow suit. AFBF President Bob Stallman points out that – many recent studies have shown dramatic shortfalls of veterinarians in food animal practice in rural areas and in key public health practice areas, including food systems, veterinary medicine and at several federal government agencies. Stallman says – the national pool of 25-hundred new veterinarian graduates a year is not enough to meet the demand. Stallman says – national efforts such as this legislation are needed to address these critical deficits.