Congress held a hearing Thursday on diesel emissions – which the Environmental Protection Agency calls one of the most dangerous pollutants that may pose the greatest risk to the U.S. population. The National Biodiesel Board is emphasizing the health and air quality benefits of blending biodiesel and petroleum diesel. Biodiesel is the only commercial-scale fuel used today that fits under EPA’s definition of an advanced biofuel – by reducing greenhouse gas emissions significantly and reducing every major toxic air pollutant.
One major pollutant reduction from biodiesel is of carbon monoxide – which the EPA says biodiesel emits 48-percent less of than diesel. NBB’s Director of Federal Communications Ben Evans says blending biodiesel and diesel fuel is the simplest – most effective way to immediately improve emissions while also creating U.S. jobs and reducing the nation’s dependence on foreign oil. He says improving air quality is a major reason why domestically produced biodiesel must play a critical role in the nation’s fuel mix.

NAFB News Service