Pat Macdonald

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—At the July Board meeting, the Black Community Fund granted two local organizations financial assistance to support programs to benefit and progress the community.

Click play below to listen to KMZU’s Elizabeth Orosco speak with Pat Macdonald, Senior Philanthropic Advisor and Executive Director of the Black Community Fund (BCF).

The United Services Community Action Agency received a grant to support the Powered by Dads (PBD) Fathering Initiative. Fathers recruited into this program learn how important it is to actively parent their children and become fully engaged in their child’s school and education. Monthly meetings include fathers and children meeting in a safe environment and learn to relate together.

“The program will be doing hands-on work with people who are skilled in education and at parenting and psychology and human development and they will be working with dads to make sure that they are engaged in the most positive way in the upbringing of their children.”

The Family Conservancy also received financial support for the Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids program, which provides prenatal, parenting and nutrition education along with crisis support to over 100 families with young children, from birth to age five. Weekly classes focus on helping parents learn to manage their health and stress, understand appropriate parenting strategies, form connections with other families and gain trusted resources.

The Black Community Fund has granted more than $3.5 million to approximately 180 local organizations that work to enhance socio-economic aspects of the African American community in the Greater Kansas City area.

“Sometimes, people need a little bit more support to get to the point where they want to be,” said Macdonald. “We all just really want a happy life and healthy children and thriving communities, and so the Black Community Fund seeks to support organizations that are working to make that so.”

Macdonald said she doesn’t have a single “greatest moment” in her work with the Black Community Fund, but that every day is rewarding.

“I mean this so sincerely, every single day that I come to work… is a great day because at the end of the day, no matter how big or small my tasks were that day, no matter how easy or challenging they were that day, at the end of the day, somebody’s life got better. I go home knowing that somebody’s life got a little bit better because of the generosity of individuals in Kansas City.”

In light of the recent tragedies regarding racial division in the country, Macdonald said we are all striving for the same things and hopes we can unite in our similarities, which outnumber our differences.

“We are all so much more alike than we are different. I would have to say that every day I hope we as a country come closer to appreciating that about one another, that we all are striving for the same things.”

The BCF Board of Directors includes Rev. Jimmie Banks, Chairman, G.L. Blankinship, Jr., Board Chair Emeritus, Damon Bryant, Sheilahn Davis-Wyatt, Kevin Masters, and Emmet Pierson, Jr.

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