Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with Fire Chief Larry Hustad:

Larry Hustad

A family in Laclede lost their home in an early morning fire Monday.  Fire Chief Larry Hustad  said the blaze was reported at 1000 Vernon Street.  “We got paged out, I think around 4:30 a.m. this morning, to a trailer house fire” said Hustad, “When we arrived, it was pretty well fully engulfed in flames.  We determined it to be caused by an electric furnace.  There were three occupants and everyone made it out safely.”

Lucy Little and her sons lost nearly everything in the blaze.  “One of the younger boys that was there said something about he lost his glasses because they were left on the dresser and they, of course, melted or burned up,” said Hustad.

According to the City of Laclede Facebook page, donations are being accepted today to help get the family back on their feet: “The boys need 32×30 and 34×30 jeans, large shirts, and size 9 to 91/2 shoes and boots.  Lucy wears size 18-20 jeans and shirts and size 9 shoes.  Household items are also greatly appreciated.  Items can be left with Loise Gunn at 1001 Vernon Street in Laclede.”