Click play below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with Blue Christmas Interfaith Service Spokeswoman Jane Bartlett:

Jane Bartlett

This year the United Christian Presbyterian Church of Richmond is partnering with a few local service providers to bring the community the Blue Christmas Interfaith Service.  “Sometimes Christmas is not as happy for some as it is for others,” said Bartlett, “And we’re going to say that’s o.k.  It’s normal to be sad if you have reasons to be sad, it’s normal to feel alone if you are alone and at this time many people experience depression and sadness because the world is going on very happily around them but they are missing someone.”

Tonight’s event is open to all and all are encouraged to bring a friend.  “Our Blue Christmas service will be a time for dealing with these feelings,” Bartlett explained, “It will be a time for remembering loved ones and remembering the losses that we’ve had and lighting a candle of hope for the future.  One of the things that we do know in dealing with grief, sadness, and loss is there is always hope, but we sometimes have to look very hard to find it.”

The UCPC is located at 501 N Spartan Dr. in Richmond and this evenings service gets started at 7 p.m.