US Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) held a conference call with media outlets across the state Wednesday morning. Click to hear Senator Roy Blunt’s conference call:

Roy Blunt

“They have delayed a key component of [the health care law] in the last two weeks – the requirement that people offer insurance at work or pay a penelty,” said Blunt. “If you can delay that component for employers, then why are you going to be penalizing families and individuals who may not be able to find insurance on the exchanges that may or may not be available to them?”

Blunt said that he hopes a bipartisan bill will pass the senate soon on the looming issue of student loan rates, but admitted that Wednesday’s vote in the Senate was not likely to pass. Blunt added that as a former university president, he understands first hand how important it is to be able to graduate college and not have to constantly worry about mountains of debt to pay back to the government. He also talked about what he thinks should be done to deal with IRS employees who targeted conservative groups from achieving tax-exempt status.

“The IRS seems to be focused on things that the IRS should not be focused on. They should not be able to create a target,” added Blunt. “I am looking ways at how we can give taxpayers more rights. In fact, I may have a piece of legislation to introduce later this week that would give taxpayers more rights when dealing with the IRS and government agencies in general.”

The Senator also took questions regarding the United States’ continued involvement in Egypt after the military coup that has transpired over the last week. He spoke with Samantha Power, President Obama’s nominee for U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., but would not go into details about their discussion, other than the fact that they both believe that it is important for U.S. interests and values to be present in Egypt at this time.