Click to hear U.S. Senator Roy Blunt speak with members of the Missouri Press.

Roy Blunt1

Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri held a teleconference with the Missouri Press this week and one topic that the lawmaker commented on was the expiration of transportation funding in May. Both sides of the aisle want a long term solution and Senator Blunt says that conversation involves many variables and Missouri could benefit.

Roy Blunt2

Senator Blunt says the senate and house want a 5 to 6 year transportation bill as opposed to just a couple of years and he is working to make sure it gets done on time.

The veteran lawmaker also spoke on the circumvention of sequestration of military funding. Sem. Blunt says there are a few ways to balance the budget with allowances for increased defense spending.

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Blunt says this is the first big test of the new GOP majority in congress and the party must rise to the challenge to have a balanced budget for the first time in seven years.