The Odessa City Budget was approved at Monday’s Board of Aldermen meeting. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with City Administrator Jon Holmes:

Jon Holmes

The total budget comes in at $12,349,550. “Out of that, the electric fund, water fund, and waste water fund, the enterprise funds that provide utilities to our residents is $7.8 million of that,” said Holmes, “So the remaining amount is split between the park fund, and capital projects, and a couple of other things.”

Some of the major projects included in this year’s budget are renovations to the City Hall and Community Building. These improvements will make the structures ADA-compliant, which is necessary for Odessa to remain eligible for many federal grants.

“For us to get federal dollars in grant money and things like that, the City had to put forward what’s called a 504 plan. And that is a requirement of the federal government, saying whatever buildings that we had that do not meet the Americans with Disabilities Act, that we will be proactive in taking care of, addressing those, in getting them remodeled so that they will be ADA compliant.”

The Community Building upgrades cost about $15,000. City Hall renovations come in at about $70,000.

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