The 2013/2014 budget for the City of Sweet Springs was approved at Tuesday’s Board of Aldermen meeting.  The budget is reported to be very similar to the past year’s, with some changes in the water and sewer department.  An increase to sewer rates will be needed because of the USDA loan to fund improvements to the lagoon.  The projected change is an additional five dollars per household.

The Board also discussed an increase to electricity rates.  KCP&L has received approval of an almost ten percent increase from the Missouri Public service Commission.  The city must either roll back its five percent franchise fee or pass an ordinance saying they will not.  The Board will make that decision at their next meeting.

A resolution in support of the Marshall-Saline Development Plan was passed.  The Board also voted to approve a mowing contract for the cemetery.  The city will pay $1,300 a month.