The Oak Grove Board of Aldermen approved next year’s budget at this week’s meeting. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with City Administrator Stephen Craig:

Stephen Craig

The budget includes some infrastructure problems that began in 2013. “The water tower that we’re constructing in Frick Park will continue,” said Craig. “While it’s not an item in the budget, we also have the South Broadway road widening that will continue. And we do have several one-time capital improvement projects that will be finalized in the 2014 budget.”

Oak Grove’s new budget takes effect on the first of January.

The Board also discussed the City’s snow removal plan. Staff provided them with information on equipment, structure, and scheduled when a snow event happens.

“Also provided them with some maps that provide information on the emergency snow routes that go into effect when we have a major event, or when the criteria is met for that to kick into effect.”

Criteria for a winter weather event include a certain amount of snow or ice accumulation within a prescribed time period.