The Sweet Springs Board of Aldermen discussed the MFA Coop Demolition Project at Monday night’s meeting. Part of MIller Street will be closed through July 30th. If not completed at that time, Coop representatives agreed to open the street for the Sweet Springs Festival, then resume demolition after it is done.

The Board also heard a presentation on installing an alarm system for the water tower. If this happens, the City would be aware of a problem before the tower goes dry. The Board will look into funding.  The City was recently vandalized.  Someone opened many of the City’s fire hydrants in late June, draining the water tower and causing thousands of dollars in damage.

The Board’s regular meeting date has been changed. The meetings were formerly held on Tuesday nights, but have now been officially moved to the second Monday of each month at 6:00.

The Board also approved the use of $1,500 of the Transient Guest Tax Funds to be put toward a community web site. The total cost is $3,000, and the other half of the funds will come from the Chamber of Commerce.