The Livingston County Senior Citizens Services Fund Board held their regular meeting last week.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Chairman Tim Bosler:

Tim Bosler

The Board discussed the process for organizations to apply for funding.  “They would have to be applying for money for the benefit of people 60 years or older that live in Livingston County,” said Bosler, “And we would expect organization that are short on funding to apply for funding like that.”

Bosler said they won’t know how much they can distributed for some time, as it is a new tax.  “But it’s my understanding, based on the County’s history, that most of the funds, the vast majority of the funds, will be collected by the last of January.  And we would anticipate, based on tax rolls, of there being about $78,000,” said Bosler.

The Senior Citizens Services tax is five cents per one-hundred valuation.  Voters approved the measure in April.