The Sedalia Board of Education held their regular meeting this week. Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with Superintendent Dr. Bradley Pollitt:

Dr. Bradley Pollitt

The board gave approval to a new sick-leave incentive program for their teachers and certified staff. Pollitt explained the goal is to cut the use of substitute teachers whenever possible. “Each year, our employees get 10 sick days and 2 personal days,” said Pollitt,”Of those 10 sick days, our board has decided, at the end of each school year, for any sick day not used that the district will pay a certified employee roughly $50 and non-certified $35. So, our teachers could possible get a check at the end of the year for not using those sick days.”
Dr. Bradley Pollitt2

Pollitt explained the plan has the potential to make a significant impact on the budget. “Best case scenario, which that never happens but that’s what you run it on, is the district could save up to $150,000 per year,” said Pollitt,” That would be if no one took any sick days and we didn’t hire one sub because the $50 we are paying the certified teachers is about $20 less than we would pay a sub that day and for non-certified it’s about the same amount.”

Dr. Bradley Pollitt3

Also on the agenda was an update regarding construction of the new high school football stadium. While they’re a bit behind schedule, Pollitt is pleased with the progress. “All of the gravel has been poured for the turf and the inside concrete railing for the new eight lane track has been poured, as well,” said Pollitt,”On the south side, two thirds of Building A which is the home locker room and concession stand, is being completed. Up to the north, Building B which is the visiting locker room is just starting to be completed. There’s been a lot of dirtwork done. You don’t realize how much initial work has to be done with the moving of dirt and rock.”

Dr. Bradley Pollitt4

The $7 million facility is slated to open for the Homecoming game on the 17th of October.