The Carrollton School Board’s monthly meeting included several faculty members who offered insight on the district’s performance.  Superintendent Judith Delaney says the state’s annual evaluation shows there’s been growth, but still room for improvement.


The district missed the goal set forth on the A.C.T. but Delaney says the number of students who took the test increased.  She adds that strong scores from end of course testing offset those lost by the ACT results which allowed the district to still reach the 14 out of 14 bench marks.

In an effort to improve the educational process technology that’s been around is now making an entry into the Carrollton School District.  Delaney says a few courses will use handheld computers in place of hardback copies.


The interactive equipment will keep the classroom up to date on the latest educational information available.  While the equipment is useful, board members did agree it can be expensive to replace…


In other business board members agreed to purchase a new school bus for around 81-thousand dollars.