The Concordia Board of Aldermen will discuss several issues during Monday night’s session.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to City Administrator Dale Klussman:

Dale Klussman

Under old business, the board will revisit a discussion tabled at an earlier meeting regarding pipeline right-of-ways and easements.  “We’re still working with Enbridge,” said Klussman,” They’re not concerns, but rather just a reminder.  We’re looking at their existing pump station.  At the time they built it, they had shown some interest in annexing into the city limits and we would just like to review with them rather they are still wanting to do that or not.”

Also on the agenda is the expected acceptance of the November 6th election results.  According to Klussman, this includes the approval of a quarter-cent sales tax for the purpose of funding local parks.  “This should go into effect on April 1st with our number one priority being the restoration or renovation of the parapet walls at the Community Center,” said Klussman,” We are probably going to move forward with getting an engineer on board sometime soon.  This fund will be tapped as soon as possible to get those repaired because they are in bad disarray right now.”

The board will also consider an ordinance naming a preferred towing vendor for the city.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Building, Room 203.