Following three months of consideration, the Brunswick Board of Education has passed a random drug testing policy for students.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Superintendent Bob Kottman:

Bob Kottman

The Board of Education approved the new policy at the May meeting.  The concept was introduced to them in March, so they had plenty of time to think on the issue.  “I wanted the Board to have a really good grasp on how it worked.  And that it wasn’t a punishment-type thing.  That it’s more of a thing to identify if someone has a problem and a way as to start in getting them help for their problem,” said Kottman.

Only students who participate in extra-curricular activities or park in the school parking lot will be tested.  Kottman said if they test positive, they will still be allowed to participate in many activities, such as prom and the senior trip, but will be banned from participating in sports and parking in the school parking lot.

“This is designed to help our students, and also be like a prohibitive thing.  If kids know that there’s a chance that maybe they could get caught, maybe they won’t try drugs that first time,” said Kottman.

The policy will go into effect in the 2013/2014 school year.  The testing will cost the District about $3,000 per year.