The Boone Count Sheriff’s Department SWAT Team served a search warrant on an active methamphetamine lab Wednesday morning.  Deputies recovered processed methamphetamine and two firearms.  During the operation, a pit bull inside the residence bit a deputy in the thigh and was consequently shot.  The investigation continues.

Press Release from the Boone County Sheriff’s Office

The Boone County Sheriff’s Department SWAT (Special Weapons & Tactics) Team served a search warrant this morning (9/26/12) on a fully operational and active methamphetamine lab at 7405 North Highway VV in the Hinton area.

Deputies also recovered two firearms as well as processed methamphetamine. A pit bull inside the residence was shot after biting a deputy in the thigh. The dog was turned over to Animal Control for treatment. There were several pit bulls at the property and Animal Control recently issued aggressive dog citations to the owner.

The investigation is continuing and additional information will be provided as it becomes available. The search warrant was partially the result of citizen complaints regarding suspicious behavior at the residence.