Article contributed by:
Garrett Fuller
Junior, Boonville High School
BOONVILLE, Mo.– The Boonville City Council met on April 4th, 2016, to discuss multiple topics regarding the re-zoning of Hail Ridge golf course, in addition to the Central Missouri Cancer Memorial Park.

city council

                    PHOTO/Garrett Fuller

The meeting began with citizen comments. Sarah Gallagher, president of the Friends of the Katy Bridge, the organization responsible with the task of maintaining and raising the funds for the restoration of the Katy Bridge, introduced herself to the board. She commented on the ribbon cutting, which occurred on April 2, 2016, and was attended both by locals and visitors, including Governor Jay Nixon and his wife.

The second piece of business was in regards to the Central Missouri Cancer Memorial Park. Charlie Melkersman was excited that the motion passed, which was approved by 4th ward councilman Morris Carter, and seconded by Ned Beach. The support so far for the park has been from both people inside and outside of the Boonslick area, and from people in other communities who would like a cancer memorial park for the area.

“Some of the money we’ve raised so far has been outside of Boonslick community,” said Melkersman, “and that is great because it is the Central Missouri Cancer Memorial Park, so we’ve had great support from Moberly, great support from Columbia, and we’re going to continue to get great support from the surrounding areas. So I think it will be our legacy to the next generation.”

Before discussing new business, the council performed the second reading of the bill which approved the re-zoning of Hail Ridge Golf Course. A new 9-hole golf course and housing complexes will be constructed in its place.

Before hearing the reports from the standing committees and city officials and adjourning into a closed session, the Council discussed approving a resolution which would allow the city of Boonville to apply for a recreational grant regarding the Cliff Drive Trail Project.