Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with Boy Scouts of America District Executive James Arcano:

James Arcano

The Boy Scouts are in the middle of recruitment efforts for new members.   Arcano talked about his experience with the program as a child.  “It made a tremendous impact,” said Arcano, “I’ll be honest, I was a nerdy little kid who didn’t have many friends because I was too shy to talk to anyone.  Growing up with the program taught me how to reach out to people.  It taught me sales skills by going out and selling popcorn every year.  It taught me organization and personal management skills and, through earning my Eagle Scout, it taught me how to lead people.  I’m definitely a stronger leader now than I ever would have been without the program.”

The Carrollton Boy Scouts will host a recruitment night later this month for those interested in getting involved with the program.  “They’re having a fishing event,” said Arcano, “Food will be provided, but, if you want to fish, you’ll need to bring your own gear.  It should be a lot of fun.  Those in the area are really excited about it.”

The event is scheduled for October 18th at Rec Lake from 4 to 6 p.m.

You can learn more about the Boy Scout program in your area by visiting their website.