CARROLLTON, MO – Although, only three council members were present, quorum was established at the Carrollton City Council meeting, March 20.

The approval of minutes for the last meeting had to be tabled due to an abstention by one council member.

Approval was granted for the removal of certain trees at city hall.  Council believed sidewalks and curb were being broken, presenting possible trip hazards.  Other landscaping options are ready to by implemented.

Sharon Metz with the Area Economic Alliance was present at the meeting to illuminate council as to future plans for the weekend of the upcoming eclipse, August 21.  Over Carrollton, the eclipse will last approximately, two and a half minutes during the early afternoon. Possible activities in Carrollton during the weekend of the eclipse include production of logistics information for visitors, camping and RV locations, and concerts. Metz indicated much work and planning is yet to be done.

Mayor, Brian Mathis touched upon storm damage and potential cost to the city.  Mathis said close to 30 utility poles were repaired or replaced.  An exhaustive list of agencies and individuals the Mayor wished to thank was delivered at the meeting.