Update (10/2/2013) – Police Chief Robert Turner says at about 2:35, officers received notice of an individual walking toward the park and loading a rifle. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Turner:

Robert Turner

“We responded to the call, located the gentleman in the park with a rifle,” said Turner, “He was taken into custody. The subject never shot the rifle. He just had it in his possession. He was released on ticket.”

The Conservation Department has issued citations for the man. “If he would have discharged the firearm, that would have made it illegal. He was going to the park to hunt squirrels, he stated.”

The schools went into lockdown as a precaution. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with District Safety Coordinator Brent Dobbins:

Brent Dobbins

“The lockdown lasted approximately ten minutes, until about 2:45 or so,” said Dobbins, “And then once we got word that the individual in the park had been apprehended or approached by the police, we were not on lockdown after that.”

Original Story

The Carrollton School District made an announcement Tuesday afternoon through their text and email alert system that district facilities were briefly locked down today due to a situation in the city park.

No details have been given on what the park situation was, but school officials say the lock down was a safety precaution and no immediate danger was posed to students or staff.

The lock down reportedly ended in time for a regular afternoon dismissal.