An amendement to an agreement with the Missouri Department of Conservation will be discussed at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting in Brookfield. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speakwith City Manager Dana Tarpening:

Dana Tarpening

This measure became necessary after the cost to construct a boat dock exceeded what the City expected.  Tarpening said the Conservation Department originally agreed to pay 75 percent of the construction cost, up to $75,000.  The total cost ended up being about $123,000, and the Department has now agreed to pay $96,000, which is still 75 percent of the total cost.

“[The dock] is located at our City lake.  It is on the northwest side of our City lake, and it’s up and going right now.  So anyone can go and fish off the dock there.  And then they also have bathroom facilities.  So it’s a new structure and we hope everyone enjoys it and will use it,” said Tarpening.

Council will also consider a recommendation from the Planning Commission. Two people have requested changes that are not allowed by the code book. “We have one gentleman requesting a conditional use permit for a 30 by 40 building. And right now, I believe the code, of course, is less than that.  And the other one’s wanting a permit for a 40 by 40 building addition.  So it’s just larger buildings than what the code currently allows,” said Tarpening.

Tuesday’s meeting begins at 6:00.