A group of community churches is working hard to provide for those in need. Click to hear KMZU’s Bob Allen talk with Brookfield Ministries representative Pastor Mike White:

Mike White

In addition to running a food pantry, Pastor White says Brookfield Ministries helps Linn County residents with financial difficulties. White reports those funds are drying up, due in part to the tough economic climate as well as the closing of other public aid agencies, like the Brookfield office of the Green Hills Community Action Agency. According to White, residents either aren’t willing or aren’t able to make drive to the closest GHCAA office for assistance, so local groups like his ministry and the Community Chest are shouldering much of the burden.

People interested in donating to the organization can do so through Linn County churches or by directly contacting Brookfield Ministries. For more information, contact Pastor White at Trinity United Methodist Church in Brookfield at (660) 258-7719.