CARROLLTON, Mo. — The Carroll County Memorial Hospital Foundation received a gift of $50,000.00 from BTC Bank in Carrollton and held an event Thursday morning to commemorate the donation. KMZU’s Brian Lock attended and talked with BTC Bank Vice President Wayne West and Carroll County Memorial Hospital CEO Jeff tindle. Click below to hear the full, edited interview.

BTC VP Wayne West presents a check to CCMH CEO Jeff Tindle

“We promote continuing education both for high school seniors but even now we are expanding the program to people who are already in the job market who want to go back and get a BSN degree or a master’s degree,” Tindle said of the CCMH Foundation. “These additional funds will help us do that.”

The Carroll County Memorial Hospital Foundation is a 501(c) 3 not-for profit organization. Tindle went on to say that some of the funds donated by BTC Bank could be used to purchase equipment which has been identified by Tindle and other staff as beneficial for the hospital, but is not currently budgeted. BTC Bank Vice President Wayne West told KMZU News BTC Bank is proud to help bring services to the Carrollton area.

“BTC really strives to put money back into the communities that we are in,” West said to KMZU News. “Basically, this is an opportunity to help Carrollton grow a very needed resource needed here in this town.”

Tindle called BTC a major player since the funding was approved to build a new $16 million hospital addition in Carrollton. Now that the new facility is up and running, Tindle said BTC Bank and CCMH are looking towards the future. He told KMZU News the relationship between the two organizations stretches back nearly four years.

“BTC was a major sponsor of the loan to build the $16 million addition we did to this hospital,” Tindle added. “Without the foresight of BTC, this would have been a difficult project for us. So this isn’t their first time at the table with us. They have been a major player and now supporting our foundation is something we greatly, greatly appreciate.”

The Foundation has been around for about two years and is controlled by an independent board. The board’s primary purpose is to look for ways to raise additional capital for the hospital.