Sen. Denny Hoskins

JEFFERSON CITY — On Jan. 6, the Missouri General Assembly regrouped for its first session of the year. Sen. Denny Hoskins, R-Warrensburg, who represents District 21, explains what he is most looking forward to getting done in sessions this year.

Hoskins highlights some topics that of high interest for lawmakers this year.

Hoskins is in support of many bills on the senate floor. One of those bills is the Missouri Fuels Act, which he has been workshopping for years.

Since its initial introduction, the bill has made lots of progress.

Hoskins says there are two reasons he is passionate about this bill: keeping resources around to help Missouri’s economy and being environmentally conscious.

The next bill Hoskins is sponsoring is one that concerns county public health orders that are put in place by local health departments.

During the span of the pandemic, some counties have found it difficult to even place public health orders as some regulations are just unrealistic to enforce. Hoskins thinks that with the increased cooperation of the county commission, then the focus can be split between saving small businesses and considering public health.

Hoskins is also backing the bill that will legalize sports betting in the state of Missouri and bring video lottery terminals to vendors, including casinos.

Also up for discussion in the Missouri Legislature – those take home drinks that you get from your local pubs and restaurants may become a permanent thing. Hoskins explains.