Nearly $1.3 million in adjustments to the proposed 2015-16 City Budget was discussed last night in Chillicothe. City Auditor Theresa Kelly went through some of the amendments, including a $300,000 increase to the General Fund.

Theresa Kelly

There is also a $100,000 increase for a golf course transfer and $40,000 for ambulance worker overtime. The approved budget totals nearly $13.4 million. Public safety is the highest expenditure, projected at over $3.7 million.

City Leaders also had to approve yearly service contracts during Monday night’s meeting. One of the largest expenditures is the agreement with the Livingston County Humane Society. City Clerk Roze Frampton explains how licensing needs to be adjusted to help fund the monthly appropriation of just over $6,025.

Roze Frampton

As the 2015-16 Budget was laid out for approval by the council, City Administrator Ike Holland explained some of the reasons for an overall increase in spending.

Ike Holland

Administrator Holland also pointed out that the increasing number of federal and state laws that are unfunded, passes the cost down to local governments.

The budget was passed unanimously.

Administrator Holland also pointed out a list of city property designated as surplus which will be put up for bid on a website. Holland said that once the catalog is processed it will be available for bid at

If you wish to look at the itemized budget it is available for review during business hours at Chillicothe City Hall. The phone number is 660-646-1877. You may learn more by logging on to the city’s website.