It’s officially been winter since December 21st, but Tuesday night and Wednesday morning a wind chill advisory goes into effect as Mother Nature proves her point. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone speak with National Weather Service Meteorologist Chris Gitro.

Chris Gitro1

Chris Gitro, Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Kansas City, has the details about our coming arctic plunge.

Chris Gitro2

“By tomorrow morning, as people start to head out for their morning commutes, that’s when we’re going to start to see the coldest temperatures where the wind chills start to impact the area,” Gitro said.

“Then the winds tomorrow are expected to start increasing throughout the day, so, wind chill values, anywhere between 20, to sometimes even near 30 degrees below zero will be common across far northeastern portions of Missouri. Down toward the Kansa City area, we’re looking at values between -15 and -24 degrees Fahrenheit throughout much of the morning and into the afternoon hours.”

Gitro says to limit time spent outdoors and if you do go out be sure to dress smart.

Chris Gitro3

“We always encourage people to layer-up as much as possible before going outdoors. We also encourage people to be considerate for any pets that they might have that are normally kept outside,” Gitro explained.

“These are going to be very dangerously cold temperatures for anybody that’s going to be outside for extended periods of time, and everybody should be taking appropriate precautions to limit any type of frost-bit potential.”

Frigid temperatures are forecast to remain bitter into the weekend and everyone is encouraged to check on elderly members of the family regularly.

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