CHILLICOTHE, Mo. – During the Chillicothe City Council meeting Monday evening, May 9, 2016, a number of discussions were undertaken including the upcoming

All members were present as the Chillicothe City Council meeting began Monday, May 9, 2016.

All members were present as the Chillicothe City Council meeting began Monday, May 9, 2016.

fiscal year’s street improvement plan.

Council was briefed by City Engineer Brian Herrington on work scheduled and the budget shortfall the street department is facing even with the lowest bid at $1.44 million.

Herrington explained how crews could reduce work in one area to cover more pressing projects elsewhere.

Council also made sure that all subcontractors associated with the street plan were up to spec and in line to avoid any issues. They approved the plan 5-0.

Prior to the street plan discussion, the bid for city towing services was awarded to Peery Towing. Before the vote was taken however, owner of Gabrielson’s Towing, Matt Gabrielson, unsuccessfully argued for approximately 30 minutes that he is the better choice, even though Peery’s Towing clearly submitted the lowest bid.

Council also approved several ordinances securing equipment for the street department, golf course and airport.

Also tackled was the public hearing on acquiring parcels of land on the north side of the city near the High School.

City Administrator Ike Holland informed the council of the procedures ahead.

The public hearing ended and the city will now have planning and zoning asses the tracts.


Chief Darrell Wright and members of the Chillicothe Fire Department, including the ambulance unit, were in attendance as a plaque was presented from the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri. It was given in recognition of the outstanding contributions the department and emergency services unit provide the area.

As the meeting came to an end City Administrator Holland informed council that the Chillicothe Fire Department is being recognized by the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri as one of the best departments in the state.

Mr. Holland, Mayor Haney and council praised Chief Darrell Wright for the team he has assembled as well as the contributions to the community and area, including the back pack buddy program, raising money for the local hospital and YMCA.

Council will gather again Tuesday, May 31, 2016 at Chillicothe City Hall, 715 Washington St.

For complete minutes of city meetings and other official documents, contact City Clerk Roze Frampton at (660) 646-1877.