Butterfield Youth Services in Marshall is looking those willing to serve as foster parents.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with Child Care Supervisor Sheila Stephenson:

Sheila Stephenson

Stephenson said taking in a foster child can be a lot like raising their own kids.  “It’s kind of like children who have had some problems throughout their life, whether it be with them or their family, a foster family’s like that bridge over troubled water,” said Stephenson, “They help do the finishing of stabilizing them, and working them through issues that maybe the residential has started on, but they need to have that community and family experience.

The organization will still provide training, therapy, and on-site checks to the kids and foster parents.  “Butterfield primarily walks hand-in-hand with that parent to help them through difficult times.  However, we want the parents to parent them just like they would their own children, as well,” said Stephenson, “And give them that experience and that different challenges that they may have.  Help them work through it, just like they would do with their own children.”

Children with Butterfield Youth Services typically range in age from six to eighteen years old.  Interested foster parents must be older than 21, have a stable income, and have room and space in their household for the child.

More information can be found by calling (660) 886-2253.