A county-wide sales tax of one half of one percent is up for a vote in Caldwell county.  The funds would be used for the purchase of gravel, and is a continuation of a tax already in place.

Multiple townships will decide on taxes.

The Fairview Township has a levy of 32 cents per $100 valuation for a four-year period on their ballot.  This would also continue a tax already in place.

Another continuation up for a vote is the Gomer Township’s Road District.  About 35 cents per $100 valuation for four years would continue if passed.

Voters in the Rockford Road District will decide whether to keep a tax levy rate of 35 cents per $100 for another four years.

A tax of 35 cents per $100 will be decided in Mirabile.

The Braymer School District will deside on two contested races.  Two people will be elected for a three-year term on the Board of Education.  Kristi Moore, Larry Shoe, Crystal Phipps, Mindy Tuck, and Gloria Leamer are running for the position.  A one-year position is also on the ballot.  Terry Parker, Rachel Hunt, Rhonda James, and Michelle Haughton are vying for that position.

The West Ward Alderperson position in Braymer is also contested.  Mark Gaines and Elmer Barnet are both vying for the position.

Voters in the Cameron School District will decide on two members of the School Board.  The candidates are Dan Kercher, Michelle Petersen, and Ann Goodwin Clark.

In the Hamilton School District, John Graham, Jerry Cook, and Chris Anderson are on the ballot for the Board of Education.

Voters will also decide on the position of East Ward Alderman.  Jim Sweiven, Harold Munroe, Robert Logston, and Cynthia Fickess are on the ballot.

Those running for the Mirabile School Board are Morris Claypole, Justin Smith, and Suzanne Livingston.

In Lathrop, Bob Burns, Scott Shersbury, and Virginia Barrett are on the ballot.

Orland Oesch, Mark Anderson, and Brad Webb are the candidates for the Southwest Livingston School District’s Board of Education.

The position of Alderman in the city of Kidder is up for a vote.  Marlo (Ginger) Crabb, W. Gene Reeds, and Lola Jones are on the ballot.

In Polo, HOward Wolf and Julie Phillips are on the ballot for Eastward Alderman.

Voters in Gomer will decide on the Township Board Member.  Candidates are Tessie Payne, Bill Stone, and Jim Stone.

Township Trustee in New York will come to a vote.  Phillip PUcket and Paul Prichard are vying for the position.