*All results are unofficial until certified by local/state election officials.

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Precincts Reported: 1111
Caldwell County Sales Tax QuestionVotes
Braymer C-4 School Board (Vote for 3)Votes
Mindy Tuck83
Rachel Hunt161
Vickie Davidson140
Terry Parker103
Breckenridge R-1 School Board (Vote for 3)Votes
Heather Woodcock36
Terri Adams58
Roger Gaunt 38
Rosemary Sayers59
Cameron R-1 School Board (Vote for 3)Votes
Richard Campbell34
Mary Tyrrell24
Julie Mallen32
Molly E. Harp 28
Kingston 42 School Board (Vote for 3) Votes
Angela Bethel30
Debra Fleming34
Lathrop R-1 School Board
(Vote for 3)
Andy Knoll5
Denise Paden8
Darrell D. Morgan Jr. 6
Homer John Moore IV4
Jeff Wright1
James P. Martin10
Polo R-VII School District
(Vote for 3)
Mark Kipping110
Allen Henry94
Randy Howell165
David Vaughan116
Ralph Zeikle140
School District of Ludlow
(Vote for 3)
Charles D. Jones0
Brandon Wolf0
Chasity Anderson0
Tyler Anderson0
Shawn Holtzclaw0
For Board of Directors Sub DivisionVotes
W.L. Swearingin0
August Luther0
Braymer Alderman
(Vote for 2)
Stan Mallory63
Paul Butterworth26
Connie Keller65
Michelle Haughton73
Breckenridge East Ward AlderpersonVotes
Craig Herrington28
Cheyenne Bannan12
Breckenridge West Ward AlderpersonVotes
Sondra Gaunt16
Jason Ausborn7
Cowgill MayorVotes
Paul Pulley13
Cowgill West Ward AlderpersonVotes
Bernie Stockman10
Hamilton MayorVotes
Winford Gilliam124
Hamilton Alderman East Ward Votes
Keith Gilbert40
Danny K. Alexander46
Hamilton Alderman West Ward Votes
Cameron Fast21