Caldwell County has just notified that producers may request to hay CRP acres under emergency haying provisions for 14 additional days through September 24th. Producers that want to participate in the emergency haying for their eligible CRP acres now have until the end of the day Tuesday, September 24th to complete the haying. Only 50% of each field or contiguous field can be hayed, but acreage that has been hayed in the past two years can be hayed in this emergency release. Producers must first make official request to release CRP acres before haying begins and payment reduction for this is set at 10%.

Emergency Grazing is also available through September 30th at the 10% reduction rate. If you intend to take advantage of either the emergency haying or grazing, all CRP contract holders must sign the request for release prior to haying or grazing. For further information you can contact the Caldwell County FSA Office at 816-586-2711.