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Precincts Reported: 1111
Caldwell County Circuit Judge (Circuit 43, Division 1) - Republican Votes
Tom Chapman1,373
Caldwell County Circuit Judge (Circuit 43, Division 2) - Republican Votes
Ryan W. Horsman1,365
Caldwell County Circuit Judge (Circuit 43, Division 2) - Democrat Votes
Brent Elliott468
Caldwell County Associate Circuit Judge - DemocratVotes
Jason A. Kanoy491
Caldwell County Presiding Commissioner - RepublicanVotes
C.R. "Bud" Motsinger1,407
Caldwell County Presiding Commissioner - DemocratVotes
Dennis Walker486
Caldwell County Western District Commissioner - Republican Votes
Rex Hilber595
Dale T. Crabb343
Caldwell County Clerk - RepublicanVotes
Christine Owen1,106
Don Ives394
Caldwell County Clerk - DemocratVotes
Sharon E. Wright490
Caldwell County Circuit Clerk - DemocratVotes
Carrie Miller484
Caldwell County Recorder of Deeds - RepublicanVotes
Julie Hill1,470
Caldwell County Prosecuting Attorney - RepublicanVotes
Brady C. Kopec1,350
Caldwell County PropositionVotes
City of Hamilton QuestionVotes
Special School Levy Election - Mirable C-1 School District Proposition 1Votes