Calf production results from Thompson Farm provide hope for beef cattle farmers

by Mar 21, 2019Farm News

SPICKARD, Mo. – The University of Missouri’s Thompson Farm is headquarters for the university’s beef reproduction research. According to the University of Missouri Extension, the research conducted here is earning Thompson Farm national recognition.

The farm near Spickard, Missouri is just one of 14 research farms that the University of Missouri owns.

Cattle from this farm are used in research with the goal of helping beef farmers minimize death losses of calves born during the harsh winter months.

Their chosen method for increasing the number of live calves born every season is fixed-time artificial insemination (AI).

While the cows from the research herd may have additional labor periods, the research is priceless for beef farmers.

A fixed-time AI approach means that all cows are bred on the same morning, cutting labor costs and less time that farmers have to check on calving due to the shortened calving season.

Thompson Farm has been conducting research for 20 years and their herd continues to have improved conception rates and lower death rates during calving.

Other beef farms using this technique are seeing similar results across Missouri.

Thompson Farm will host the Thompson Research Center Field Day on September 24 at 3:30 p.m. at the farm, 7 miles west of Spickard.