Attorney General Koster sues California telemarketer for violating Missouri’s No Call laws


Jefferson City, Mo. – Attorney General Chris Koster said today he has filed a lawsuit against California-based Timeshare Relief, Inc., and its owner, David MacMillan, for numerous violations of Missouri’s No Call laws.

According to the lawsuit, Timeshare Relief made hundreds of automated “robocalls” to Missourians on the No Call list, offering their services to assist the consumers in selling or transferring timeshares.  The suit also alleges that the company ignored consumers’ requests to stop calling, in further violation of Missouri’s telemarketing law.

Koster said his office had received more than 100 complaints from Missouri consumers about the company’s practices.

“Missourians place their phone numbers on our No Call list for a very simple reason – they do not want to receive annoying, unwanted sales calls,” Koster said.  “We will continue to take action against companies that ignore our state law.”

Koster is asking the court to prohibit the company from making any further solicitations to Missouri consumers.  He is also seeking penalties of up to $5,000 per violation of the no call law, up to $1,000 per violation of the telemarketing law, and recovery of the costs of the investigation and prosecution of the case.


Koster reminds Missourians they can sign up for the No Call list on his website at or by calling 866-662-2551.  He encourages consumers who receive harassing telephone solicitations to file a complaint at 866-buzzoff (866-289-9633).  Missourians can register their landline and cellphone numbers with Missouri’s No Call list.