Although legislative district boundaries have not been finalized, efforts to delay Missouri’s candidate filing period flopped Monday, which means those seeking political office will begin filing Tuesday. Click to hear Carroll County Election Authority Peggy McGaugh:

Peggy McGaugh

A lawsuit filed Monday argued that the date should be pushed back 15 days or until a final map for Senate boundaries is approved. Candidacy filing is scheduled to run through Mar. 27 for federal, state and county offices.

Carroll County (as of 4:30 p.m. Tuesday)


Republican – Devin Ford Frazier


Democrat – Alta M. O’Neal


Republican – Steven W. Bittiker


Republican – Troy Hofstetter

Robert E. Barlow

Joe Arnold


Republican – Marcus J. Magee

Commissioner District 1

Democrat – Jim Stewart

Republican – Wm. E. (Bill) Boelsen

Commissioner District 2

Republican – David Martin

Johnson County (as of 10:00 a.m. Tuesday)


Republican – Mark Reynolds

 Eastern Commissioner

Republican – Scott Sader

Western Commissioner

Democrat – Destry Hough


Republican – Heather Myers-Reynolds

Democrat – Scott Dunham


Republican – Chuck Heiss – #27

Glen Hite – #58

(Glen filed first, but Chuck drew the smaller number, so he will appear first on the ballot)

Public Administrator

Republican – Nancy Jo Jennings