Peggy McGaugh

CARROLLTON, Mo. — Peggy McGaugh, the Carroll County Clerk, has announced she will be running for the seat left vacant by her son, Rep. Joe Don McGaugh.

The senior McGaugh told the Missouri Times, “I am humbly asking for the support of my fellow Republicans serving on the committee to appoint me as their candidate for this special election. I have served the good people of Carroll County for the three decades and I look forward to continuing my public service in a larger role at the state Capitol.”

She plans to be on the ballot for the special election. Although Governor Eric Greitens has not announced the election, it is suspected to take place in February.

She has been in leadership roles for the Missouri Association of County Clerks and Election Authorities, Missouri Association of Counties, and Missouri Public Entities Labor Relations Association.

McGaugh also added, “During my long tenure as county clerk, I have demonstrated my ability to honor taxpayers and be a good steward of every dollar. I am running to ensure that economic development in small rural counties stays as a priority at the State level. I would like to see more successful projects such as the Ray-Carroll ethanol plant and other ag-related development opportunities for jobs and a reason to retain our youth at home as they choose careers.”

Joe Don McGaugh was appointed as the Associate Circuit Judge for Carroll County, which requires him to leave his position as State Representative.