The 2011/2012 federal audit of Carroll County is out, and the numbers look good. Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade speak with County Clerk Peggy McGaugh:

Peggy McGaugh

This was an unqualified audit. “An unqualified audit is known as a complete audit, meaning that the work has been performed and researched so thoroughly that there’s not a possibility for discrepancies because they’ve checked it so well,” explained McGaugh, “An unqualified audit analyzes both the internal systems as well as the details in the county’s books to come up with these financial statements.”

Carroll County is required to do federal audits on any amounts that exceed $500,000 in one year.

“Carroll County is very active in their bridge program with the federal government. Therefore we meet that level every year. So we will continue to have two-year audits, as well as the four-year audits done by the state for as long as I can think.”

This year’s good results open up the possibility of more federal funding for the county.