The Probation and Parole Office and the Carroll County Prosecutors Office are sponsoring two events to honor National Crime Victim’s Awareness week.  Click to hear KMZUs Janet Adkinson talk with Probation and Parole Officer Karolean Harris:

Karolean Harris

“No More Victims” five K fun walk is taking place this Sunday afternoon  on the Walking Trail in Carrollton.  “It’s not a competition,” Harris explained.  “It is a time for people to get together and bring awareness of crime in our community.  Bring your strollers, wheelchairs, and your leashed pets.”

Registration for the 5 K fun walk  is Sunday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. at the Parks and Recreation Building on the Walking Trail in Carrollton.

A memorial garden to honor Carroll County residents that have been victim’s of a criminal act is being dedicated Wednesday afternoon.  “A lot of areas place gardens every year at know spots where people are known to frequent in the community,”  Harris said.  “The Walking Trail in Carrollton is something that is used daily and  garden was something to add color to our community.”

The dedication to the Garden Memorial, which is located on the Walking Trail in Carrollton, will take place Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 p.m.