The city of Carrollton will now be more mindful of local interests when considering bids on products and services.

An ordinance was brought before the council Monday night that adopts an official policy allowing preference in accepting bids from local businesses in the event the monetary value is equal or close. Councilor, Robert Cowherd, supplied an ordinance draft that council members approved unanimously.

Councilwoman at large, Scarlett Horine indicated it was good to keep money in the community.  The ordinance also means the city may occasionally pay more than the lowest bid. It allows a small percentage above the low bidder for different price thresholds in favor of a local bid.  It allows a local preference of 5% higher in bids up to $25,000, 2.5% higher for up to $100,000, and 1.5% higher for bids above 100,000.