The Carrollton Board of Education carried out some end-of-the-year activities Tuesday night.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Superintendent John Oettinger:

John Oettinger

The Board made some budget revisions.  “Any unknown expenditures, emergency expenditures, that came up at the end of the year.  Just to make sure that the budget is not a deficit spending budget without Board approval.   And it wasn’t a deficit spending budget.  The approval was done as a formality,” said Oettinger.

The Board approved the transfer of funds from the general fund to the teacher’s fund to pay for salaries.  Auditors will now review the district’s financial situation over the past year.

The Board discussed their broker services.  The District currently uses a firm, but will accept proposals from other companies.  “Just in an effort to make sure that we are watching over the public’s dollar, making sure that we’re getting the best service we can for what we’re spending, we’re going to competitively bid broker services with competing companies,” said Oettinger.  Requests for proposals will go out Wednesday.